My names Mike i have a 2001 audi s3, ive owned it for 3 years. the car was originally black, it was repainted in suzuki grey by the previous owner which is the main reason i had to buy this car also added was the custom short recesses front an back added to fit the shortened number plates, the cars been mapped an has a miltek exhaust. an a few shiney bits under the bonnet.

2 years ago i had the v2 airlift suspension fitted an for this years show season its been running on ispiri wheels 18x9.5 all round, also had abit of trim work,custom steering wheel, de-badged, de-arialed, de-wipered, cupra r splitter, an rear camber arms.


Future plans for now are a tidy up over winter an hopefully some new wheels for 2019


Cheers Mike

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